Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lil Wayne's First Interview From Jail (Video)

Lil Wayne's First Interview From Jail (Video)

Currently locked up at Rikers Island jail, Lil Wayne gave his first radio interview while being in jail with New York's Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex. Beyond speaking about Eminem and how often he keeps in contact with Young Money, Weezy talked about why he was serving time.

"I'll definitely move more carefully," Wayne told radio personality Funkmaster Flex about precautions he will take after leaving Rikers Island in November. "Everybody says you're here for a reason, so, I promise you Flex, I try to find that reason everyday. I think when I get out, that'll be the only time I'll know the answer...[I'm Not A Human Being EP] will drop before Tha Carter IV, only on the Internet. It's stuff I recorded right before I came in. I don't want the phone to hang-up on us so I want to say thank-you to all my fans and I love you Flex for giving me this opportunity..."

Wayne went on to talk about who he keeps up with. [How often do you speak to Drake?] I call him at least 3-4 times a week but he only picks up once a week. [Laughs] [How about Nicki Minaj?] That being my future wife, we talk every night. [Laughs] Nah, I really don’t like to disturb them, I know they have a lot on their plate. That’s my thing with everybody. Everybody get mad at me like why don’t you call… Every time I pick the phone, I feel like I’m bothering them. Like I’m in jail and I don’t have nothing else to do but to talk to you, and that may not be what you want to do at the time… I call Mack Maine every single day, and I know I get on his nerves, but he answers every single time."

Lil Wayne - Gives First Interview From Rikers Island (1/2)

Lil Wayne - Gives First Interview From Rikers Island (2/2)

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